Solar Water Pumps

Solar pumps fall into two major categories – submersible well pumps and surface delivery & pressure (booster) pumps. The major components of a solar pump system are the pump, controller and solar panels. Accessories include solar mounting frames, cables, level indicator etc. Some systems include batteries if pumping is to be done day and night or when a storage tank is not installed.

Submersible solar pumps are generally used for pumping from wells, and are designed to fit inside the well casing in a drilled hole. The well may be anywhere from a few metres to 250m deep – but the deeper the well, the more expensive the system since more panels are required. Solar powered pumps are very energy efficient using less power compared to similar conventional pumps.


Fortune CP designs and supplies solar pumps and complete systems providing water from as little as 1000 litres to millions of litres per day. All systems are powered by highly efficient Fortune CP solar panels.




  • deep well pumping
  • drinking water supply – domestic and community
  • livestock watering
  • irrigation (pressurised and non-pressurised)
  • pond management and fountains
  • mining


Submersible Pumps Maximum Lift (m) Maximum volume/hr (litres)
PS 200 50 5,000
PS 600 180 11,000
PS 1200 240 21,000
PS 1800 250 51,000
PS 4000 350 70,000
PS 9000 160 130,000
PS 15000 140 130,000
PS 21000 120 43,000
Surface Pumps
PS 600
PS 1800


Links to pdf datasheets for the above.

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