KOC Condensate Line Kuwait

Solar Power Systems for Kuwait Oil Company Condensate pipeline, Kuwait

Brief Description of Project

Design, supply, and installation of 12 off-grid solar systems, along Condensate line from GCMB to MAA-02 Manifold

Customer and Location: Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait

Approx Value: $1.3m

Year: Current

Detailed Description

This project involves Engineering Procurement and Construction of solar power systems. The solar systems provide power to Remote Terminal Units (RTU), Fire & Gas equipment, CCTV and lighting along a 12km line.

Scope of work:

  • Engineering – System Design, Drawings, Factory Acceptance Testing, Site Acceptance Testing
  • Procurement and Delivery
  • Installation
  • Testing, Commissioning and Training
  • 2 year Maintenance
  • Equipment includes:
  • 2.2MW of Nickel Cadmium battery power storage
  • Polycrystalline solar panels and combiners
  • MPPT charge controllers and inverters
  • TUV certified high temperature cables
  • Remote monitoring systems including data loggers, pyranometers, alarm interfaces etc
  • Ground mounting frames
  • Accessories – module combiners, DC/AC disconnects, lightning protection etc

All systems were designed by Fortune CP engineers in United Kingdom in accordance to IEC standards and KOC’s strict regulations. All designs were verified by and independent Consultant 3E in Belgium. The on-site testing, commissioning of works and training of local engineers is by Fortune CP’s engineers.

Benefits of the project include access to reliable electricity 24/7 in remote desert locations (where temperatures can rise well above 60 degrees Celcius), and no need to use environment polluting diesel generators.

Fortune CP implements solar projects in the Middle East (Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and many other countries), for top customers such as oil companies, telecom companies, government ministries and more.

If you would like us to implement a project in Middle East, please contact our sales team – sales@fortunecp.com


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