PV Moto Solar Home Kit

Fortune CP PV Moto Kit


  1. Battery module combined with solar panel and accessories
  2. Solar panels from 10W to 320W and larger systems
  3. Battery modules 12V/24V/48V 12AH to 100AH or bigger for larger systems
  4. Can power house (lighting, phones, solar fridge, small appliances through inverter), (simply connect the box and panel to already wired house)
  5. Can charge multiple phones for customers 6-10 at a time
  6. Comes complete with LED bulbs, cables, bulb holders, switches, phone charging kit
  7. Can be used for homes, businesses, schools, clinics, farms. Expandable to power larger buildings.


Components of Fortune CP PV Moto A12-12 + Panel Kit

  • PV Moto A12-12 Power module
  • 10W or 20W Solar panel
  • Up to 4 super bright 3W LED bulbs
  • Cables to wire a house
  • Bulb holders + switches
  • USB phone or tablet charger for 6-10 items


  • Homes, schools, businesses, clinics, farms
  • Vendor kiosks – phone credit sellers
  • Camping, caravans, holiday resorts
  • CCTV

Unlike other systems our Home Kits use super bright LED bulbs (similar to ones in city houses), and come with cables, holders – to wire a house completely

Download pdf datasheet PV Moto Module Specifications

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