PV Moto Solar Charging Station

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PV Moto Solar Charging Station


  • Off-grid solar charging station to provide pre-paid electricity to power rural and peri-urban areas (villages, trading centres)
  • Can power 50 to 500 houses, businesses, schools, clinics, farms, churches and more
  • In cities can be used to charge electric cars, motor cyles
  • Expandable – System sizes 2KW and above
  • Can also power fridges, TVs, pumps, provide community lighting
  • Remote monitoring feature – see how much power you are generating and selling



  • Rural electrification – homes, businesses, schools, clinics, fishermen
  • Cities or peri-urban – homes, shops
  • Battery charging for electric cars, motor cycles, bicycles, mobile phones
  • Mini grids


Fortune CP does Turn-Key:

  • Project development
  • Design, supply, installation, maintenance
  • Provide remote monitoring facilities

Our Clients Include: