PV Moto Battery Module

PV Moto Power Module Features

  1. Lightweight and portable
  2. Buy pre-paid electricity at a solar charging station – as and when you need it
  3. Connect to solar panel to make a home kit
  4. Pay by mobile phone – also improves mobile banking
  5. Can power house (Super bright LED bulbs, phones, tablets, radios, solar fridge, small appliances through inverter), (simply connect the box to already wired house)
  6. Can charge multiple phones for customers 6-10 at a time
  7. Can be used for business during the day, and house at night
  8. Can keep power for 4-7 days without the sun (depending on use)
  9. Sizes 12V/24V/48V 12AH to 100AH or bigger for larger systems



Rural electrification – homes, businesses, schools, clinics

  1. Cities or peri-urban homes
  2. Vendor kiosks – phone credit sellers
  3. Holiday camps and caravans
  4. Fishing boats
  5. CCTV
  6. Communication equipment
  7. Fire & security systems
  8. Portable cinema & video lights
  9. Power tools
  10. Television & video recorders
  11. Back-up power during power black-outs



Fortune CP A12-12PV Moto Kit

  1. 12V 12AH battery
  2. 12V 3A Controller and electronics
  3. Over-discharge protection
  4. 4 ports (12V) for LED bulbs and other appliances
  5. 2 x 5V USB ports for phones, tablets etc
  6. Battery level indicator
  7. Solar charging and load switches
  8. Enough cycles for 3-5 years depending on usage

Download pdf datasheet – PV Moto Module Specifications

Other sizes available 12V/24V/48V 12AH to 100AH, or bigger for larger systems

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